Eddie Condon

Albert Edwin Condon , better known as Eddie Condon, was a jazz banjoist, guitarist, and bandleader. A leading figure in the so-called “Chicago school” of early Dixieland, he also played piano and sang on occasion. #


  • Brubeck, for instance, is not careless. He’s a studied guy. And even if his picture ends up on the back cover of Life, he’s still a studious guy.

  • The boppers flat their fifths. We consume ours.

  • Krupa’s drums went through us like a triple bourbon.

  • Ted Lewis could make the clarinet talk. What it said was ‘put me back in the case!’

  • Finally Beiderbecke took out a silver cornet. He put it to his lips and blew a phrase. The sound came out like a girl saying ‘yes.’

  • Paul Desmond sounds like a female alcoholic.

  • This all came of a conversation I had with [John] Steinbeck once when we were standing in a men’s room somewhere. Steinbeck asked me why I didn’t play the banjo any more and I told him that went out with the high-button shoes.

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